Privacy policy

Refining Linux respects your privacy. We try to store as few data as possible but for creation of anonymous statistics collecting some information is required.

We definitely don't share any data provided by you with third party companies. For legal reasons we might be forced to pass some data to law enforcement agencies in case of infringement but we don't do this frivolously. Each request will be checked.

For the sake of statistics we also collect some data which are

  • Your (anonymised) IP address
  • The time of your visit
  • The duration of your visit
  • The country you come from
  • Your Referrer (can be turned off in your browser)
  • Your browser type
  • Your operating system
  • The pages you visited

The IP address is saved having the last two octets/bytes anonymised so only the country you come from and probably your ISP can be reconstructed. All data is collected for statistical reasons only. We don't sell any personal information or use it to identify or contact you in any way. All collected data is handled carefully.

Statistics are created with Piwik, no external services are linked directly in our pages.

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