About “Refining Linux”

Refining Linux is a blog about advanced Linux topics and Linux fine-tuning. Its intention is to show you distribution-independent solutions for common problems or discuss common matters concerning Linux, networking, security, X11, KDE, Gnome, Xfce and more.

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Refining Linux is an education and discussion platform for Linux, free software etc. This blog is about everything regarding Linux with only three constraints: it's not a news website, it's not a website for latest hypes and it's not a website for beginner's tutorials. Refining Linux will also not publish articles every x days/weeks/months just for the sake of always being up to date. If there's nothing to write about, nothing is being published and therefore Refining Linux won't spam your feed reader.

This blog is mainly written by its founder Janek Bevendorff but if you have any suggestions for new topics or want to become a co-author, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm glad about all good topics or well-written articles by co-authors.

All times on this website are CET/CEST (Europe/Berlin).

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If you find Refining Linux helpful and want to give something back, there are several ways to say “Thank you”. You can, e.g., reference articles from here in forums, you can spread the word in IRC chats, blog about Refining Linux, tell your friends, bookmark this site with Xmarks and write a review, digg this site, bookmark it on delicious.com or send me a present. If you don't know, what to send me, here's my Amazon.com wishlist. Users from Germany can also use my Amazon.de wishlist. Thank you very much; without you guys, Refining Linux would be nothing!

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