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ZSH Gem #6: Redirect output to multiple files

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One unique feature in ZSH is that you can redirect streams to multiple outputs or inputs simultaneously. With this multi-stream redirection you can, e.g., redirect STDOUT OR STDERR of a program to more than one file at the same time without using a command line tool such as tee.

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#23: File descriptors

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File descriptors are very essential in programming. When you open a file, you get a token, which identifies the file instance. With this token you refer to the file, write, read or close it. You have about the same on the shell.

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#4: Cut your use of cat

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All Linux administrators know this tool and some make use of it very often: cat. Also Linux beginners get to know this quickly and use it a lot. Most people love it so much that they utilize it in every situation whether it's needed or absolute nonsense.

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#2: Simple but useful: tee

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One little tool which's often overlooked is tee. It is very smart and can help you so much. tee is a typical UNIX program. It can't do much and has been created for only one purpose: writing STDIN to STDOUT and a file. That doesn't sound very exiting yet but this simple tool can do a lot for you.

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