Privacy policy

When you visit our website, we collect the following data:

  • Your anonymized IP address (we store only the first 2 byte for IPv4 and the first 6 byte for IPv6)
  • Your browser user agent and plugin configuration
  • Your HTTP referrer if coming from another website
  • Your screen size configuration
  • Your geo location as far as we can determine it from the anonymized IP address

The browser user agent usually contains the following information:

  • Your browser name and version
  • Your operating system name and version
  • Your processor architecture

All collected data is used for statistical purposes only, does not allow personal identification and is not shared with any third parties. Statistics are generated using a self-hosted Piwik installation.

Visitor logs are deleted after 90 days and detailed reports after 12 months. Only basic trend metrics are kept after this time.

You can opt out of browser data collection at any time by clicking this opt-out link and following the instructions. Alternatively, you can also configure your browser to send a Do Not Track header.

When you leave a comment below an article, we save your entered name and your anonymized IP address. In addition, you can voluntarily provide an email and website address. If you provide an email address, you agree that we can use it to fetch your user avatar from You can also opt-in to get updates about replies to your comment via email, which you can unsubscribe from again at any time. Except for, your email address is not shared with any third parties. Moreover, you agree for your entered name and (if provided) your website address to be displayed publicly together with your comment. Your email address is not displayed publicly.

The website and all data related to it is hosted at, which is also where your email will be stored when you send us one. are only responsible for providing the needed IT infrastructure and do not access or use your data directly.

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