What happened with Refining Linux today?

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Well, some of you might have noticed that Refining Linux was suspended today. This was not because this project is dead, it isn't. Refining Linux is alive and I don't plan to drop it.

The reason why Refining Linux was unavailable is not quite clear. I phoned my web hoster and he told me that my account was suspended by their automatic security system. Some file seemed to exceed the resource limits. Apparently, it's the Gravatar plugin for the comments, which I now disabled. I'll examine this plugin the next days and see what I can do about it. If I find some ugly or dangerous code, I'll file proper bug reports. It's a pity to have comments without avatar pics but what shall I do?
The good news is: we couldn't find a successful attack so Refining Linux is not compromised but this plugin still seems to cause some trouble. Perhaps some bad guy tried to misuse it for cross site scripting purposes.

Some other thing about the future of Refining Linux in general: I couldn't write an article in the last two months because of my exams. I was very busy with it so that I just didn't have the time. But Refining Linux will of course continue and if you wish articles to be published more regularly you can indeed also send me topic suggestions or guest articles (even better). I'd love to publish great third party postings here. wink


UPDATE 03/16/2011, 05:28 PM
Since the server is still under heavy load, I've disabled comments for all entries. The log files don't indicate spam attacks, but let's see if that brings back the server. Refining Linux is currently running on a shared hosting server, so other customers could cause the problems as well (I hope, they do). If not, Serendipity must have a severe performance issue somewhere.

UPDATE 03/16/2011, 10:39 PM
The system seems to have stabilized. Comments have been reenabled and I'll try to revert back to normal step by step.

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